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My love for him hangs onto my heart, a steel weight drenched in words unspoken & secrets untold. I hate what he did to me, the way in which he collapsed my soul like some pathetic house of cards... But him, I love.
His voice. His words. His furrowed brow. His childlike smile & the reddening warmth in his irises when he looked at me and ONLY me... A warmth that engulfed my focus & made me want to crawl into the black universe hidden as his pupil, becoming physically one with the spirit that I could already feel radiating towards me.
It isn't fair. I know they tell you to expect that, but no one ever mentioned to such an immense degree. I was stabbed in the back until the blade of betrayal pierced through to my heart, & the love therein was suddenly, surprisingly mixed with the boiling bloods of hatred.
Oh, this sorrow... When will the core-wrenching pangs of it end?

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Posted on 03:33PM on Dec 31st, 2012
:( Let's Skype. Maybe we can talk about our wish list for books we like to read sometime soon. You know oftentimes the solution come from casual conversation and some seemingly unrelated reading. Too much focus on the intensity of the problem doesn't help.
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