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I'm so tired of waiting. I know You hear me God. The words You send my way verify it day after day. I know You see my heart, past the layers of anguish, bitterness, anger, hopelessness, & lack of appreciation for my life.
I love You very much. And although I know my apologies aren't needed, I ache for Your contentment. I'm sorry for the pain & grief I've put you through. I'm sorry for straying from Your side, time & time again, even though I KNOW that I can't live without You.
Help me, God. I'm not as loving or as patient as You. I let the world get to me. I feel the rising, maddening monster called Anger climbing onto my tongue, trying to unleash its flames on the world.
You won't forget me, but *I* forget. I keep running, chasing the redundancy and vanity of the world. Show me the way to go.

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Posted on 10:06AM on Feb 12th, 2013
Lovely to find you posting today, my friend. I hope you find your way.
Posted on 10:55PM on Feb 13th, 2013
Remember your dream about you in a sundress? in a house party? I have been watching How I Met Your Mother lately, and this episode I am just watching right now sundress is mentioned, and then I thought about you. I login to EP because of that, and there you are, just wrote a blog entry. Whatever prompted you to pray this prayer, think about that dream.
Posted on 07:27AM on Feb 14th, 2013
hey there its alot to learn maybe he already gave you what he wont you to have and you keep running from it take the time to see what he gave to you cause im here to tell you i was there and the hole time he had what he wonted for me in my face the hole time i was running from it and he had i chasing me. sometimes the ones we try to let go is the ones sent to help mine was so rude and nasty then i came to know that it was because time was on nobody side. god let people treat you bad to see how strong you truly are if you cant handly a few words from man and still be friend what make you thank god is going to accept you like that his words are going to pack way more power. just some thing to thank about. happy valentine day and god bless
Posted on 02:45AM on Feb 17th, 2013
the way to perhaps the opposite of the one you normally take.
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